New Audiobook!

Recorded an audio book for Scholastic Press at Deyan Studios.  I cannot WAIT to share when it hits the audio shelves! 🙂 I can say that this book is SO clever, funny, heartwarming, and wonderful with multiple characters, accents, ethnicities… and maybe a song or two (or more!). Stay tuned!

Shot a Thriller!

Spent most of November, pre-holidays, shooting a new film!  BLOOD BORN from Epic Level Entertainment, is a suspenseful feature that had the most wonderful cast and crew.  What a fun project! I play “Cherise”, a character who is very clear on what is good and what is straight up not-good… CRAZY, even!  I fight for …

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Catch me on THIS CLOSE

THIS CLOSE, episode 8, aired on the AMC/SundanceNow Channel. I play “Colette”, a realtor who needs to lay off the alcohol! This show is SOOO important as it stars and is written by brilliant Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman – pioneers in deaf culture entertainment as they play two deaf best friends navigating their personal …

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Booked an ABC Sitcom!

Ooooo, Sony – you spoiled me today!  What a lovely time on set with director David Katzenberg and opposite *hilarious* Bryan Callen.  Shout out especially to Felicia in make-up and Vanessa McCarthy who’s writing is HILARIOUS.  Honestly, it was a joy to work with this entire crew.  What a fun show, in front of and …

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Amazon Series Lead!

Beyond excited to announce that I’m shooting a lead role in the Amazon Prime series PHOENIX premiering this Fall!   It’s a thriller, about a woman (me!) who wakes in the midst of airplane wreckage with no memory, and finds herself led by violent images in her mind.  We have to keep the rest under wraps …

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Lead Role in a Feature!

I shot a lead role in the feature film, SWITCHED, with Denise Richards and John Schneider!  This playful film is like a “Mean Girls” meets “Freaky Friday”, where the lead girl (Miya Horcher, who plays my daughter) prays that super popular mean girl (Madeleine Byrne) could walk a mile in her shoes.  Hilarity ensues, along …

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Weekend With Parson’s Nose!

Parson’s Nose Theater… last weekend we did “The History of Musical Theater in Less Than 90 Minutes”.  I loved working with these awe-inspiring artists … My Heart = FULL. ❤️✨ Cast : Ellis Allen, Marisa Chandler, Barry Gordon, Gary Lamb, Laurine Price, Jill Rogosheske, Joey Ruggiero, Katherine Washington #musicaltheater #actorslife #PUPPY #heresToUs #whosLikeUs #damnFew

Filmed Another Commercial!!

Shot another commercial!!  Can’t say what it’s for yet… but will share soon! Another fantastic fitting : My trailer (such a blessing, because the heat was real!) : Ze make-up & hair chair: Couple days of shooting (on BEAUTIFUL evenings, I might add…) :    

Filmed an Amazing Docu!!

I was cast in an amazing documentary (currently in production) called MOTIONLESS, narrated by Helen Mirren and will premiere at Sundance. Directed by Ewan Gotfryd, Casting by Lauren Herrel. Look out for it, it’s going to be incredible!! From IMDB: MOTIONLESS is a feature-length, social documentary that addresses one of the most under acknowledged and …

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