Musical Theatre

Weekend With Parson’s Nose!

Parson’s Nose Theater… last weekend we did “The History of Musical Theater in Less Than 90 Minutes”.  I loved working with these awe-inspiring artists … My Heart = FULL. ❤️✨ Cast : Ellis Allen, Marisa Chandler, Barry Gordon, Gary Lamb, Laurine Price, Jill Rogosheske, Joey Ruggiero, Katherine Washington #musicaltheater #actorslife #PUPPY #heresToUs #whosLikeUs #damnFew

New Music Coming

Working on some new music clips, AND I’ve ordered a keytar… a white one.  (Awwwww yeah.) Stay tuned!!! (…but in the meantime – I’ll be posting a few from the archives, as I find them….)

Hollywood Fringe Debut in THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO

Laurine is making her Hollywood Fringe debut as Mercedes in The Count of Monte Cristo – the Musical, by Kelly Lynne D’Angelo and Matt Dahan.  The production is making its world debut at the Lounge Theatre, as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Visit the show’s Facebook page for more info Purchase Tickets

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